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October 16, 2006



When I read about Barbara Streisand , singing live in NYC just last week, and during the set, she brought up a "Bush" look-a-like, and just had to outwardly express her views on politics, it made me wonder, why people do that. I mean, if you want to sing, then sing, and if you want to run for office, then do that. Do one, do both, but when I go to your campaign, don't sing, and when I go to your concert, don't talk politics. It would be like stopping in mid sentence on stage, at a Broadway play, and the actor saying "now that I have your attention, let me take this opportunity to speak to you about.....". No way! I paid to see Hamlet, or whatever. Now if I paid to go see an "anti-war" concert, then I think it would be fine. Oh, in the case of John Lennon, he was cool enough to do whatever he wanted.

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