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April 29, 2007



Born, bred, and raised on the UES here.

For all the grass in the world, I wouldn't have given up the cultural experience of walking down the street and meeting UN delegates, celebrities, VIPs.

For all the fresh dairy cream in the world, I wouldn't give up being able to walk to the American Museum of Natural History, or the Met (museum AND opera).

For all the expansive spaces on the planet, I wouldn't give up being able to walk to Bloomingdale's.

For all the dirt roads in middle America, I wouldn't give up stickball, stoopball, or disabling a traffic signal to play street hockey.

How boring it must be to have to have your parents drive you to a playground to be with your friends? Or worse, a mall? I could walk.

The city is alive, 24/7, and each of us who grew up here take that with us wherever we go. Even tho I live just across the river in Queens, I yearn for Manhattan.


Oh....and there's always Central Park for grass and stuff. And now it's actually CLEAN!

naomi dagen bloom

so many of the 60+ natives known to me always balanced the granite life with walking and biking outside the city. seeing your "fly on the wall" image, thought you'd enjoy the north dakota grasshopper from an installation in chelsea--pictured at http://xtremeenglish.blogspot.com/

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