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May 03, 2007



Trying to tell friends what Central Park ia like is impossible. Well, it's a park, it has grass and tress, and flowers, it's really big. Maybe add in that it has more baseball fields than most cities little league baseball parks. Or, there are normally more musicians playing at any one time, than there are radio and TV stations combined. That you can lay in a bathing suit on a beach by a lake, or ice skate surrounded by 200 year old trees. There are more sculptures (huge impressive pieces of true art) more than the Metropolitan Museum of Art has. There are architectural wonders in the shape of bridges all over the place. You can take your sweetheart for a boat ride, a horse and carriage ride, a horseback ride, and you can Jog too! There ia a zoo, casual and fine places to eat. It is 844 acres of adventure and it is my favorite part of NYC.

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