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May 19, 2007


Ronni Bennett

What a terrific idea for a blog, and if I was part of your inspiration, I am pleased. And you could not have chosen better for other inpsirations than Jill, Claude and Naomi.


Boy! I am flattered. I love your blogs and even when I don't leave a note, I read you daily.



I never knew you had this blog and saying all these wonderful things! I'm delighted if you found me an inspiration and I love, "peace, love and blog". You have way exceeded what I do. I love your blog

Baron Fund Investor

Your blog is interesting but the "Imagine" mosaic photo on your May 19, 2007 entry. Where is that? I invest in Baron funds and every year there is this Baron fund annual meeting that is always in NYC and it is really cool. One year they had Elton John and Billy Joel perform live with only like 300 people in the audience. Well, they give out t-shirts and the 2006 t-shirt has this "imagine" mosaic on the t-shirt and I really would like to know where the real thing is located, please.


Baron Fund Investor: The Imagine Mosaic is in the Strawberry Fields section of Central Park.

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